The voluntary Mica Aurea Association began on 20 March 2010 and takes its name from the Monastery of Saints Cosmas and Damian in Mica Aurea, which became known as “S. Cosimato”, and gave its name to the square where the Association has its headquarters. The Mica Aurea Association’s logo in fact represents the monastery of S. Cosimato and is taken from Mario Cartaro’s Map of Rome (1576).

The Mica Aurea Association was formed through the initiative of citizens who were conscious of the privilege of living in a Country rich in history and culture. They had the conviction that knowledge is the basis for forming civic consciousness. As it says in the Constitution of the Italian Republic (art. 4, comm 2), “Every citizen has the duty, according to his or her own possibilities and choice, to engage in an activity and function that concurs with the material and spiritual progress of society”.  Taking this principle as inspiration and within recognizable limits, the Mica Aurea Association promotes initiatives as laid out in its Statutes through thematic programs, held from time to time, and attended by those who freely want to contribute to them.








*The logo of the Mica Aurea Association is to be used exclusively by the said Association.